Church Audio Video & Electronic Systems
60 foot wide LED screen shown with full panorama background image using ProVideoPlayer
Church Audio Video & Electronic Systems
Silent stage methods mean no amplifiers or cable messes on the platform

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Preacher's Whiteboard APP

“We built a whiteboard app so simple a Pastor can use it”.

We made this app specifically to deal with presenters who can’t deal well with technology. Watching a CEO or Preacher accidentally pinch and mess up the screen during a presentation is a thing of the past. Plug your iPad into a TV or projector and make notes on the images and text. Import batches of jpeg or png files, and select from a page of thumbnails. When one slide is showing, it will remain in place until the next slide is randomly selected. Almost no features, this is as uncomplicated as it gets!

Where does your church need attention?

IMAG: Image Magnification

Projecting worship lyrics with engaging graphics or with live camera feeds. We develop systems that your technical volunteers can operate like pros.

Sanctuary Projection Systems

Sanctuaries require the correct types of projector, and the video signal equipment to match. The right equipment for a church can’t be bought at the office supply store. We can help you create stunning images that the whole congregation will appreciate.

Sanctuary Lighting

Paint the platform with a pallet of light. Control scenes for various stages of worship and teaching. We can design and integrate a complete lighting system for stage and sanctuary.

LED Video Screens

Conventional projectors are being superseded by stunning vibrant LED display panels that function like a giant TV, but are able to overcome the brightest of rooms. No problems with placement of projectors, lighting and windows, no lamps to regularly replace, and exceedingly long lifespans. Ask us about how LED panels can be at the core of the renewal of your worship environment.

Sound Reinforcement

Audio that sounds great and doesn’t feed back? Yes, it is normal in a properly designed system.

Digital Mixing Consoles

Automate your audio. Digital mixers are easier to use and can be preset to any situation for volunteer operation. Let us show you how.

Distributed Sound & Video

Can workers around the church hear and see the service while they do their part? Spreading the worship to other ministries, or simulcasting to other rooms or buildings keeps the entire congregation together.

Consulting & Training

Not sure how to proceed? Need guidance on the best way to maintain your systems? We can develop a “Stewardship Plan” that the church board will appreciate, and training to enable your volunteers.


Cedarview Community Church – Our Latest Project

Churches like Cedarview Community Church in Newmarket all tend to run into similar problems. Over time, the equipment ages and becomes unreliable or just outdated, and the church needs to look at modernizing and replacements. In some cases, the church ran into emergency situations where gear needed to be replaced immediately.


Hanging By A Prayer…

There is a surprising amount of gear suspended overhead in commercial environments, especially churches. Speakers, projectors, lights, displays and other gear compete for space on the ceiling. But hanging anything from a ceiling over people is a tricky business due to variables like static load, shock load, support capacity, hardware, safety backups among others.


Churches: a dumping ground for orphaned equipment?

Often, when I get called in to advise a church on what they can do to upgrade or repair problems with a sound or video system, I encounter a variety of equipment.  It can be the cheap products sold by the local music store, intended for “garage bands”, or over the top gear best suited for mission critical broadcast venues.