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We specialize in Control4 Automation Systems, for maximum control with maximum ease of use

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High Quality Audio Distribution

Guests appreciate quality sound that adds to the experience you deliver. Don’t settle for the usual “in-ceiling muzak” speakers when you can please your clients with a musical background that doesn’t cause “listener fatigue”.

Video Distribution

TV’s from the local retail electronics store are not up to the task of 24/7 or 18/6 marathons of operation. Consumer TVs are just too dim and too weak to not burn out quickly. We recommend commercial TVs that come with warrantees suited for their survival in the business environment.

Large Screen Video & Projection

Don’t buy another cheap “travelling salesperson’s” projector for a large image, or critical environment. Besides providing a marginal picture, they are dim and loud making for an unsuitable experience. Ask us about Laser projectors and LED video screens.

Access Control & Security

Know who comes and goes, and designate the access each individual will have. When a key goes missing, it’s much cheaper and easier to delete an inexpensive keyfob or RFID card than having a locksmith re-key all the doors in the building.

Video Monitoring & Surveillance

If you care about security, buying a cheap 12-camera package with recorder is not the way to go. Up to 8K resolution, facial recognition, smartphone viewing and other advanced features set apart the commercial grade video system from the latest Costco special.

Efficient Lighting & Climate Control

Not at all like timed lights and scheduled thermostats, our Control4 system ads a “Mockupancy” Intelligence that mimics your actual light usage behaviour to prevent thieves from recognizing a repetitive pattern they can exploit.

Data Cabling & Networking

Don’t toss in a cheap, unreliable hub to add another printer or PC to your network. Failures and problems are a wasted expense in staff efficiency and data security that adds up rapidly. If it looks like a bowl of spaghetti, your network needs our help!

Privacy Sound Masking

Ever sit in a doctor or lawyer's office and find you can hear the confidential conversation coming from the next room? They can hear you, too! Our privacy masking systems make it impossible to understand private conversations of others.

Preacher's Whiteboard APP

“We built a whiteboard app so simple a CEO can use it”.

We made this app specifically to deal with presenters who can’t deal well with technology. Watching a CEO or Preacher accidentally pinch and mess up the screen during a presentation is a thing of the past. Plug your iPad into a TV or projector and make notes on the images and text. Import batches of jpeg or png files, and select from a page of thumbnails. When one slide is showing, it will remain in place until the next slide is randomly selected. Almost no features, this is as uncomplicated as it gets!