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Home Theater Design & Construction

When the bombs blast and the cars crash in the theatre, can the rest of the family sleep peacefully in their bedrooms? If the volume level is the biggest concern, we should discuss how to sound isolate the theater from the rest of the house. Your contractor or interior designer have no idea about this, so make sure you contact us before construction starts!

Multi Room Audio & Video

Keep your audio and video in sync in every living space in the house. Stream audio from your smartphone to any room, or keep up with the movie playing in the theater while you are in the kitchen.

Door Locks & Garage Door Control

Isn’t it fun coming out of the house in the morning and finding someone left the garage door open last night and every form of wildlife had a go at your garbage cans? We can automate your home to ensure that pool heaters are off, garage doors are closed, doors are locked, water sprinklers are off and any number of other little surprises in life are dealt with.

Climate Control

Ever notice how the schedule you set for your thermostat is never right for today’s schedule? Our Control4 automation makes your home adjust to you based on where you are and what you are doing.

Video Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Video is far more effective that an “alarm system”. The alarm won’t let you know that the same car has been parked across from your house for the last three days “casing the target”. Look in on things from your smartphone from anywhere in the world.You can even tell what time your kids “really” came home last night.

Full Lighting System Control

Tap one button at any entrance to your home and turn on selected lights, music, set the temperature and many other features. Or if you are away, use the smartphone app to turn any or all lights on or off, or start a lighting scene.

Irrigation Control

Sure, automating your sprinklers based on weather and time of day is a great advantage. We have a client that manually turns on the sprinkler when a stray dog decides to make a pit stop on the lawn. Also works great if you have boys bypassing the front door when coming by to visit your teenage daughters (I speak from experience).