Commercial A/V, Automation and Electronic Systems.
Residential Audio, Video, Home Theater & Automation.
House of Worship A/V, Automation and Electronic Systems.
Commercial A/V, Automation and Electronic Systems.
Residential Audio, Video, Home Theater & Automation.
House of Worship A/V, Automation and Electronic Systems.

About Us

We are different. We go far beyond designing and installing an A/V systems, theaters, networks, surveillance systems, conference rooms, or giant LED video walls. We actually integrate to the point of modifying electronics to enable features and abilities that are normally not compatible. Where needed, we design and fabricate circuits to bridge between products. After all, what good is an automation system if it won't automatically make the popcorn when you fire up the theater?

Commercial A/V & Electronic Systems

Restaurants, offices, nightclubs, Houses of Worship…any commercial environment can benefit from the efficiencies of automation and the performance gains of modern electronics.  We design & install distributed audio & video systems, sound reinforcement, stage lighting, LED digital signage, video capture and production systems, video surveillance and more.

Residential Systems & Home Theater

If you have more than 1 remote control on your coffee table, regain control with Control4 home automation.

Orchestrate audio, video, lighting, environment, security, window shades, door locks and almost anything else in your home through a single remote control or iPad interface.

Data Networks & Cabling

An inadequate or slow network is an insidious hidden expense, eating away at profit and productivity. Networks naturally become underpowered over time, as faster computers and more users tax the limits of existing technology.  Have your network speed tested, keep what works and replace what doesn’t to bring your operation into the fast lane.

We install and certify CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT8, coax and fiber. Have confidence that your network cabling is up to the challenge.

Our Services.

How Can You Use Control4 Automation?

A bunch of products, each with its own app is not automation.  Neither is having a universal remote control that constantly requires the “Help” button to be pressed to re-synchronize the system.

True automation is when all of the different products and brands are reliably controlled with one single system, and nothing succeeds like Control4.

Here are some use case examples of just a few of the many ways that Control4 automation can make a difference in your environment.

Commercial Automation

Efficiency and Simplicity

Restaurants, offices, clinics, factories, service facilities—automation helps to reduce costs, ensure that varied technical gear works in harmony, and delivers control and reporting where it is needed. Here is an example of gaining control of a professional environment, making staff more efficient.

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Home Automation

Making your Home serve YOU!

There is virtually no limit to the extent to which you can gain control over a variety of unrelated systems. It might start with consolidating a coffee table full of remote controls into a single, reliable operating experience, to delivering audio and video throughout the whole home. Or it can orchestrate the function of a variety of different objects and systems throughout the home to execute a series of actions that make home life more enjoyable and secure.

Automating Worship Spaces

Volunteers producing like Pros

The joy of serving should not be blunted by the frustration of systems that are difficult to operate. Houses of worship often have many different users that need to operate the equipment without relying on a busy ministry staff. How do you prevent technology from interfering instead of simplifying?

Click cover below for an example of a medium sized church that used Control4 to consolidate a variety of commercial products so that volunteers would be able to make large changes with a single button press.

Control4 Automation .

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