How do I know we might have a problem?

Worship leaders, Media ministers, Tech leaders, Teachers... All have an important role with tough responsibilities. Our goal is to assist you by making your area of service work better, enhancing worship and teaching. Any system can benefit from a free look with fresh eyes. It’s part of being a good steward!

Here is a quick checklist of clues to identify the potential for a system or equipment failure:

have you added equipment to the original system over time?

has wiring been altered in the soundroom or on the platform?

has the system been professionally checked over 3 years ago?

does your tech team not perform an ongoing maintenance plan?

have you added equipment from a music store, computer store or big box electronics outlet?

have you performed any “quick fixes”?

have you had your worship space acoustically tested?

have you had your projectors calibrated?

are there more than a couple of steps required to do any task in the soundroom?

does your audio system make a loud snap when turned on or off?

is it hard for people to hear the speaker or each other in the worship space or gym?

do circuit breakers trip or fuses burn out?

any broken or noisy stage microphone or video connectors?

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